IHACI: Commercial HVAC/R Introduction Module Part 3 - Complex HVAC Systems for Commercial Buildings

Date: June 20, 2017
Time: 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Location: Energy Education Center - Irwindale
Instructor: Johnson, Scott
Utility Sponsor: SCE

This four part commercial HVAC module will cover commercial HVAC Systems range from simple to extremely complex. Come join us as we explore this range of complexity through a systematic approach from a simple system, to additional components that add up to an entire complex system that serve the building load and its occupants. Included, but not limited to: packaged gas-electric, packaged heat-pump, split-systems (gas-electric/HP/mini/WSHP), SDHV, chillers, boilers, towers, air handlers, economizers, air distribution, chilled & hot water systems, VAV’s, Pneumatics, DDC, DCV, VFD, VRF, etc. Test points and equations will be learned in detail in the forthcoming modules. Our intent is to help you deliver safe and affordable comfort to owners, operators, and occupants of a commercial building.

Part 3 - Typically, as a commercial building gets larger, the load and the systems capacities get larger and more complicated by default. Participants will progress throughout the night adding more complexity to the building and its operating HVAC systems. Controlling our systems becomes necessary because of the complex interaction of the interior and exterior loads complicated by higher occupancy and other specific demands. The evening will conclude with outside air, make-up air, exhaust losses and necessary heat exchange applications. 

Course Objectives:
To introduce students to the world of Commercial HVAC Equipment and Components
Target Audience:
• HVAC Technicians
• HVAC Contractors
• Maintenance Professionals
• Facility Professionals
Learning Units:
Special Instructions:
5:30pm check-in and dinner. Class starts at 6:00pm.
Attendees: Please register for each seminar individually
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