Advanced EnergyPro 7 Nonresidential

Date: March 22, 2017
Time: 08:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Energy Education Center - Irwindale
Instructor: Dodd, Martyn
Utility Sponsor: SCE

Learn how to model and document Title 24 compliance for commercial building designs.  Participants in this workshop will be provided the opportunity to practice using the latest version of EnergyPro 7, designed for use with the 2016 Title 24 Standards.  This is a class designed for users of the EnergyPro software who already have experience with the software.
Explore advanced envelope, lighting and mechanical design options and learn about new Title 24 requirements. Find out about opportunities for energy-efficiency incentives for efficient building designs under the Savings By Design incentive program.  Computers will be provided for participants so they can gain hands-on experience with the software.
Topics slated for discussion in the morning include:
Basic procedures for modeling single zone systems.
Utilization of the CEC Equipment Directories Database in EnergyPro
Basic Zoning – How to get started when you have no information.
How to get started with zoning a building.
Load Calculations and how to properly size a mechanical system
Compliance Diagnostics – How to determine why your energy use is so high.
The Title 24 Standard Building – What is it?
How to model water cooled DX systems.
Chiller Staging – The staging of chillers can help reduce cooling energy use.
Building Operation Schedules
Non Compliance Analysis – EnergyPro allows unrestricted modeling of all inputs.
Utility Rates – Make energy efficiency decisions using energy cost estimates.
Load Calculations – How to use different design conditions.
District Central Plant – How to address multiple buildings or multiple loops.
Radiant Floor Systems – Modeling in the Central System Library.
MCH-3 – How to control the Ventilation Numbers.
Life Cycle Cost Tool – Fast and Easy Calculations with EnergyPro.
LEED and EnergyPro
Course Objectives:
Learn how to model advanced Nonresidential envelope designs
Learn how to properly model Nonresidential Built-up HVAC systems including chillers/boilers
Learn how to properly model buildings for compliance with LEED
Understand the California code requirements related to Nonresidential HVAC, envelope and indoor lighting systems.
Target Audience:
Energy Consultants
Learning Units:
3.5 AIA Learning Units
Special Instructions:
Reservations will be held 15 minutes following the start time above.  After this time your seat may be given to a waiting customer.

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