Title 24, Part 6 2013 - Crack The Code Industry Workshops

These Industry Workshops are meant to connect California Building Departments to their customers in an effort to simplify Title 24, Part 6 code compliance. New workshop topics are offered quarterly that address areas of Title 24, Part 6 energy code that commonly pose challenges for designers, builders, installers and building departments.

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    December 9, 2013

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    Crack The Code Industry Workshops offer a chance for you to work directly with your local California Building Department to deepen your understanding of topics related to energy code compliance process.  Each quarter, a new topic will be discussed to help you more efficiently implement the details of compliance, from permit to inspection.


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    December 7, 2013

    Activate ONLINE REGISTRATION for your own local Workshop!  Building Code Officials are welcome to utilize the provided package of workshop materials to host a local Crack the Code Industry Workshop.  Hosting these workshops is intended to clarify details related to energy code compliance and provides a forum for your department to explain local requirements and processes that will expedite the permit process for you and your local designers and builders.


  • Workshop Packages

    Download and review these workshop materials to get a general idea of the kinds of information that will be covered. Check back often as new workshop topics will be announced each quarter.