Multifamily Energy Efficiency Web Training

December 1, 2006
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To assist the design community in building more energy efficient multifamily buildings, Energy Design Resources is delighted to offer this online training module on resources, methods, tools and the various mechanisms for exceeding the minimum Title 24 building standards. Architects, engineers, energy consultants and owner-developers with a basic knowledge of building science fundamentals will learn how these subjects apply and are specifically relevant to multifamily housing projects.

The Curriculum

This class provides an overview of energy efficient and cost-effective design strategies for multifamily new construction buildings. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Benefits of energy efficiency in multifamily new construction buildings
  • Building energy code applicable to low-rise and high-rise buildings, especially as it relates to recent changes stemming from the 2008 Standards
  • Design concepts and practices for energy efficiency in multifamily buildings, including how to achieve at least 15% better than code using an integrated approach
  • Overview of energy efficiency measures: envelope, heating, cooling, water heating, lighting, appliances
  • How to do cost-benefit and payback analyses
  • Information on financial incentives for energy efficiency and green measures
  • List of resources for energy efficiency

This is not a comprehensive training, but will provide you with links to additional resources where you can learn more about multifamily energy efficiency.

Class Format

The module uses animated illustrations and color images in MS PowerPoint presentation format. Review the module anywhere you have access to the Internet on your own schedule. It should take approximately one hour to review the contents of this training.