The Basics and Benefits of Commissioning

September 1, 2006
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Energy Engineer, John Phelan, P.E., brings the basics and benefits of integrating commissioning into new and existing buildings. Starting with basic definitions and goals, Mr. Phelan explores how to outline clear objectives, why commissioning is necessary, and what tasks to use for new and existing buildings. In addition, Mr. Phelan discusses typical costs and benefits, and examines several case studies. Additional commissioning resources are provided as part of the course material.

Course Objectives

The workshop objective is to provide information about the following areas of commissioning:

  • Basic Definitions, Goals, and Objectives for Building Commissioning

  • Typical Results, Costs and Benefits, and Discussion of Case Studies
  • Tasks Specific to Commissioning New and Existing Buildings

  • Exploring Commissioning and Integrated Energy Designs


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