Financing and Marketing Strategies for Energy

September 1, 2006
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Dr. Malcolm Lewis, P.E. brings valuable strategies to his audience formarketing and financing energy efficiency in buildings. Presented fromthe financial perspective, Dr. Lewis discusses how energy efficiencyreduces energy costs and increases property values over the life of abuilding. In addition, he presents information about cost of labor andproductivity gains from integrating energy measures into new buildingdesigns. Dr. Lewis provides a variety of marketing and rewardstrategies and resources in this workshop.

Course Objectives

The workshop objective is to provide information about the economics ofenergy efficiency strategies in new building and includes the following:

  • Energy Efficiency in New Buildings

  • Cost of Labor and Performance Gains

  • Marketing and Reward Strategies

  • Economics of Energy-Efficient Buildings

  • Savings By Design program and eVALUator software

  • Case Study and Resources

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