October 2011 EDR DesignShift™ Student Charrette

November 9, 2011
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At the University of California Santa Barbara, students of the EDR DesignShift™ Charrette worked through a intense integrated design process over two days to design integrated building solutions to achieve Zero Net Energy (ZNE). Teams were then given two weeks to continue work and submit for the final design competition.  Students came from universities and colleges across California and worked in groups of multiple disciplines ranging from architecture to engineering to ecology to psychology.

Students spent day one studying concepts of integrated design roles, project management and team dynamics. Day two was devoted to designing a building through the EDR Design Shift process using strategies and analysis tools taught throughout the day.  Click on the teams below to view each project.  The winning teams were anounced November 28th, 2011.

Thank you to all the student participants!

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Winning Team: Sky Is the Limit

Team 9 Cover

Download presentation (5.3 MB PDF)

First Runner-up:

Team 6 Cover
Download presentation (1.3 MB PDF)

Second Runner-up:
Sands Beach Solutions

Team 5 Cover
Download presentation (1.6 MB PDF)

Final Presentations

Following are the presentations from the rest of the teams.

Team1 Cover
Download presentation (2.4 MB PDF)
Team2 Cover
Download presentation (3.0 MB PDF)
Team3 Cover
Link to mind map | presentation
Team4 Cover
Download presentation (3.8 MB PDF)
Team 8 Cover
Building Gaia
Link to presentation
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