June 2013 EDR DesignShift™ Professional Charrette

May 22, 2013
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DesignShift: Integrated Deisgn for ZNE

DesignShift is a process and set of tools to advance integrated design to achieve Zero-Net Energy (ZNE) buildings. This full day workshop at the SDG&E Energy Innovation Center in San Diego will introduce a repeatable integrated design process, integrated design project management structures and early design tools that provide quick and quantifiable results to inform and advance the design process.  Participants will be provided with a set of tools to immediately implement on projects seeking high energy goals and ZNE. 

Event Details

What: 2013 EDR DesignShift Professional Charrette

When: Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Where: SDG&E Energy Innovation Center, San Diego CA 

Information for Attendees

Please bring your laptop to this event. To get a head start, download the following free to your laptop for use in this interactive work session. If you do not have a laptop or can not download the software by November 1st, please attend and we will ensure you have the tools you need.

Software Installation

Please download/install the programs below - all are free, legal, and non-malicious. You can download these at the charrette, however, loading these in advance on your computer will give you better access and more design time!
NOTE: You will have to register with the software sites.

  1. SPOTv4.2
  2. Climate Consultant (NOTE: Scroll down mid-page)
  3. Athena EcoCalculator and/or ImpactEstimator

Additional Programs (you probably already have these on your computer, but if not, here's how to get it):

  1. PDF Viewer
  2. Flash Player
  3. Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.

Weblinks to keep handy (or bookmark) so you can get to them fast during the charrette:

  2. NREL Mapsearch
  3. EDR Tools: available with registration (NOTE: Log in using the EDR account and password provided by the charrette organizer)
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