July 2011 EDR DesignShift™ Student Charrette

September 1, 2011
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At the California Higher Education Sustainability Conference at Cal State Long Beach, students of the EDR DesignShift™ Charrette worked through a intense integrated design process in less than 48 hours to design integrated building solutions to achieve Zero Net Energy (ZNE). Students came from universities and colleges across California and worked in groups of multiple disciplines ranging from student of architecture to engineering to ecology to psychology.

Students spent day one studying concepts of integrated design roles, project management and team dynamics. Day two was devoted to designing a building through the EDR Design Shift process using strategies and analysis tools taught throughout the day. In a matter of hours students designed, analyzed and presented the projects below. Click on the team to view the project.

The Winning Team walked away with pride. . .oh. . .and an iPad 2 for each team member. Congratulations to all the student participants!

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Winning Team: Team 3 - Symbiosis

Team 3 Boards
Sketch from winning entry
(click to enlarge)

Yovanni Antonelli - UCSF, Social Psychology
Charles Guiam - UC Irvine, Urban Studies
Nicholas Meyer - UC Santa Barbara, Mechanical Engineering
Martin Figueroa - UC Merced, Major: Biology, Minor: Sustainability
Allan Robles - UC Santa Barbara, Environmental Science and Managementz
Download Presentation (28.5 MB PDF file)


Runner Up: Team 4 - Holistic Innovations

Doug Moody - California State University, Fullerton, BS. Business Admin - Marketing, M.S. Civil Engineering
Andrew Cagne - Cal Poly Pomona, Urban and Regional Planning
Dimitri Medvedko - UC Merced, Biotech
Jennifer Lu - UCLA, Environmental Science
Logan Stewart - UC Santa Barbara, Physics
Download Presentation (10.1 MB PDF file)

Team 2 - Crave the Wave

Crystal Huang - Cal Poly Pomona, Architecture
Bogdan Rusu - UC Irvine, Chemical Engineering
Jenna Bader - Humboldt State University, Environmental Resource Engineering
Trevor Prater - Chico State University, Construction Management
Download Presentation (13.9 MB PDF file)

Team 1 - Green Coast

Dao Vang - UC Merced, Business
Efrain Esparza - UC Santa Barbara, Environmental Studies
Joseph Ortiz - UC Merced, Mechanical Engineering
Triffany Tran - UC Berkeley, Environmental Science
Johnny Bladow - SCC/SAC, Environmental Studies
Download Presentation (5.9 MB PDF file)

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