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Fall 2010 EDR DesignShift™ Student Charrette

December 14, 2010
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At the Kellogg Center at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, the Fall 2010 EDR DesignShift™ Integrated Design Charrette brought students together from multiple schools and multiple disciplines to delve into two intense days exploring integrated project delivery, integrated design as process and outcome. Students spent day one studying concepts and day two designing a high school library, classroom and office facility in California. Students presented final design to a jury. The final results, presentations and boards are below. Congratulations to all the students on this page!

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Case & Design Competition Winner: Team Middle

Winning Plan
Sketch from winning entry
(click to enlarge)

Winning Team
Paul J. Ramirez - Rio Hondo College
Jassmine Carpio - Cal Poly Pomona
Marcus Richeson - Cal Poly Pomona
Octavio Sanchez - Cal Poly Pomona
Michelle Houser - Cal Poly Pomona
Download presentation
(14.7 MB PDF file)

Case & Design Competition Runner Up: Team 14

Alex Phung - Cal Poly Pomona
Farshad Daneshval - Cal Poly Pomona
Julie Coleman - Cal Poly Pomona
Ashi Martin - Cal Poly Pomona
Download presentation (13.3 MB PDF file)

Team LL:

Tadeh Hakopian - Cal Poly Pomona
Rodalpho Ramierez - USC
Rozanne Steward - Cal Poly Pomona
Melissa Lam - Cal Poly Pomona
Ryan Raskop - Cal Poly Pomona
Download presentation (9.7 MB PDF file)

Team Mad Greens:

Amy Marina - Cal Poly Pomona
Brian Mauleon
Dustin Nguyen - Cal Poly Pomona
Erin O'Loughlin - Cal Poly Pomona
Francisco Martinez - Cal Poly Pomona
Fariba Mostajer
Download presentation (13.9 MB PDF file)

Team 3:

Deepa Chandrashekaran - USC
Liliana Alvarez - Cal Poly Pomona
Gabriela Barajas Garcia - Cal Poly Pomona
Download presentation (12.0 MB PDF file)

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Charrette image #492
It was a great experience in communicating across design disciplines. Working in IPD teams forced us to think more holistically about the design process.
-Michelle Houser
Charrette image #498
The charrette was fun and educational. It covered a lot of ground on actual cutting-edge projects that have been successfully executed using the Integrated Design approach and many easy-to-use tools for technical analyses that is helpful for designing sustainable buildings. The design competition was especially fun and engaging, since it was a hands-on experience of an 'Integrated Design Project' resulting in a rich learning experience.
- Deepa Chandrashekaran
Charrette image #542
Will you recommend this to charrette to fellow students?
Emphatically yes! I already have. They need to learn the tools and methods in order to produce better designs.
- Marcus Richeson
Charrette image #543
Will you recommend this to charrette to fellow students?
Of course I would! I had a great time. I met new people who have my same interests, my knowledge on sustainability increased, and the food was great.
- Liliana Alvarez
Charrette image #515
What was most beneficial to me was that I learned that there are many computer programs that are available to help us in making our designs sustainable.
- Liliana Alvarez
Charrette image #552
[The leaders were] enthusiastic and did not pressure us, rather [were] encouraging and supporting of our efforts which made me feel more relaxed and better able to do my work.
- Tadeh Hakopian
Charrette image #511
- Marcus Richeson
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