April 2012 EDR DesignShift™ Student Charrette

May 16, 2012
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At the California Science Center, Los Angeles (near the University of Southern California), students of the EDR DesignShift™ Charrette worked in teams of five over two days to collaboratively create a zero-net energy building using a series of methods and tools to develop and quantify their energy savings.

Students spent day one studying concepts of integrated design roles, project management and team dynamics. Day two was devoted to designing a building through the EDR Design Shift process using strategies and analysis tools taught throughout the day.  Click on the teams below to view each project.

Thank you to all the student participants!

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Winning Team: The Trash Talkers

Nirat Patel - USC
Nicholas Foster - UCLA
Annette Leon Cal Poly Pomona
Claire Josephson - UCLA

Team 3 #1

Download presentation (34.4 MB PDF)

Team 3 #2

First Runner-up: Structure From Scrap

Marie Montano - Cal Poly Pomona
Katie Klein - Cal Poly Pomona
Sukreet Singh - USC
Fariborz Sarvian - USC

Team 2 #1
Download presentation (8.7 MB PDF)
Team 2 #2

Final Presentations

Following are the presentations from the rest of the teams.

Team 1 Image
We Are U
Download presentation (7.5 MB PDF)
Team 4 Image
5 Degrees of Freedom
Download presentation (4.6 MB PDF)
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