Green Building Studio®

July 27, 2008
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The Green Building Studio® web-based energy analysis service can help architects and designers perform whole building analysis, optimize energy efficiency, and work toward carbon neutrality earlier in the design process. With faster, more accurate energy analysis of building design proposals, architects and designers can work with sustainably in mind earlier in the process, plan proactively, and build better.

Green Building Studio (GBS) is accessed from within the design team's 3D-CAD or BIM software, and uses the wide range of building design information in that model to create a geometrically correct thermal model of the building, with appropriate zoning and orientation. This model is developed using regional building standards, and codes for intelligent assumptions for the appropriate space type. The building is then run through the DOE 2.2 hourly simulation model using typical year weather data for the building's location. Annual energy consumption, costs, and a wide range of data on the building heating and cooling loads, spaces, and systems is summarized and presented within the 3D-CAD or BIM tool environment.

Using gbXML for data exchange, GBS is one of the first engineering analysis tools to deliver true interoperability between building design teams using CAD, engineers using energy models such as DOE-2, and building product manufacturer's like Trane using Trace700 for sizing and pre-sales design.

About Green Building Studio

The Green Building Studio web service was developed by GeoPraxis, Inc. supported by funding grants from the California Energy Commission Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) Program, United States Environmental Protection Agency, the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, and Pacific Gas and Electric Company (Energy Design Resources Program).

Initial R&D work beginning in 1999 included extensive market research (surveys, focus groups, and interviews) with architects and engineering design teams. Based on beta test results, a production version of the Green Building Studio web service was released in April 21, 2004. 

GeoPraxis Inc. was renamed Green Building Studio, Inc. in 2005 and Autodesk's acquisition of Green Building Studio's assets was completed on May 1, 2008.

Software & System Requirements

BIM Tool:

  • Revit® Architecture (Autodesk)
  • AutoCAD Revit Architecture Suite (Autodesk)
  • AutoCAD Revit MEP Suite (Autodesk)
  • ArchiCAD* (Graphisoft)
  • SketchUp** (Google)

Internet Connection/Browser:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Netscape
  • Safari
  • Opera


* ArchiCAD requires the Green Building Studio add-on

** SketchUp requires Greenspace Research' s Demeter plug-in (in beta).

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