Commissioning Assistant™

March 17, 2010
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 Commissioning Assistant™ is a web-based reference designed to provide project specific commissioning information to the design team. 


Commissioning Assistant enables users to accomplish the following six functions:

  1. Evaluate probable commissioning cost.
  2. Identify the appropriate commissioning scope for each project, and develop sample scope documents.
  3. Develop a sample design intent document with specific inputs from their projects.
  4. Develop a sample basis of design document with specific inputs from their projects.
  5. Access sample commissioning specifications related to specific inputs for his/her construction project.
  6. View sample sequence of operations for their HVAC equipment
  7. Develop a sample Commissioning Plan with specific inputs from their projects.
  8. Develop a sample Training Plan with specific inputs from their projects.
  9. Develop a sample Systems Manual with specific inputs from their projects.

Follow this link to view information on how to use Commissioning Assistant.

What is Commissioning?

Commissioning is a quality-assurance process that can be incorporated into building design and construction to meet the following objectives:

  1. Verify that design intent is accomplished
  2. Assure that systems operate as intended
  3. Validate system performance
  4. Calibrate baseline measurement of system performance
  5. Train operations staff

Why should we consider Commissioning for our Project?

Commissioning enhances building performance by:

  1. Minimizing energy consumption by ensuring that all systems function in accordance with the design intent
  2. Minimizing environmental impacts associated with faulty construction
  3. Maximizing occupant healthy and comfort by optimizing system performance
  4. Optimizing life-cycle costs by maximizing system performance

To get more background information on Commissioning, view the Commissioning Handbook, the EDR Design Brief on Commissioning, or the list of resources available on the Cx Assistant Resources list.

Disclaimer: The files produced by Cx Assistant are not suitable for bidding without prior review by the project's architect or engineer of record.  The information is provided to the  user  as a template that may be modified to suit specific project requirements prior to inclusion in contract documents.