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August 16, 2013
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The Ace Tools™ - Three different tools help identify the forms, installation techniques, and standards relevant to building projects in California.

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Title 24 Ace - Forms

The Forms Ace™ tool helps users determine which Title 24, Part 6 Forms are applicable to their specific project.

The tool leads the user through a series of questions in order to determine the appropriate forms. 

At this time, the Forms Ace currently covers addition and alteration projects only.

Go to the Forms Ace >

Title 24 Ace - Reference

The Reference Ace™ tool helps users navigate the Title 24, Part 6 Standards documents.

The tool includes 2008 Residential and Nonresidential Standards, available online or via download.

Key word search capabilities along with hyperlinked tables and related sections may make using the Standards documents easier.

Go to the Reference Ace >

Title 24 Ace - Installation

The Installation Ace™ tool will help users identify proper installation techniques related to Title 24, Part 6 components.

The tool includes visual aides for some components that are commonly mis-installed in the field.

Coming soon!

These tools are a result of the foundational work done under the Title 24, Part 6 Best Practices Program. View the Building Department Best Practices Report here (11 MB PDF file).


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