Case Studies: Choosing the Right Photocontrol System for a Warehouse

November 30, 2002
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Timberland Distribution CenterTimberland, a manufacturer of boots and outdoor clothing, opened its new distribution center in a 400,000-square foot warehouse near Ontario, Calif. This warehouse came equipped with skylights, and lighting controls were installed during tenant improvements.

Originally Timberland planned to use only part of this facility. However, at the same time the company was moving in, its production orders increased dramatically. Timberland needed additional space immediately, so it arranged with the building owner to lease the building's remaining 100,000 square feet. The company was in a hurry, so to save time it requested that tenant improvements be delayed until after the production rush period was over.

Even though the additional space had no electric lights installed when Timberland moved in, (except for four emergency floodlights for nighttime operation), the company immediately began using it for overflow storage, processing, and loading. As of this writing, Timberland has occupied this space for over five months, using only daylight from the skylights.

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