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January 1, 2005
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ASHRAE Guideline 13P: Specifying Direct Digital Control Systems

This ASHRAE guideline provides recommendations for developing specifications for direct digital control (DDC) systems in HVAC control applications. It addresses many issues, including system architecture, communications, and testing.

It can be purchased from ASHRAE's online bookstore, or by calling ASHRAE Customer Service (404-636-8400).

Global Engineering Documents

This company sells an extensive array of engineering documents, culled from more than 400 standards-developing organizations such as ASTM, ANSI, ASME, IEEE. This Web site provides a searchable database of documents and online ordering.


A product of ARCOM, Masterspec is a software tool that provides comprehensive and fully researched specifications that users can edit to produce project manuals and custom, in-house masters. This avoids having to write specifications from scratch, reuse outdated project specifications, or "fill in the blanks" without guidance.

This tool has been endorsed by the American Institute of Architects and other major building-industry organizations.

New Buildings Institute (NBI)

The NBI is a National Collaborative which works to support the development of codes, standards and design guidelines for improved energy systems and designs in buildings.


The SPECTEXT database offers more than 450 sections of complete guide specifications for construction in MasterFormat™ Divisions 1 through 16 for architectural, civil, mechanical, and electrical disciplines. Available in various word processing formats, on disk or CD-ROM, and in hard copy.

SPECTEXT formerly was maintained by the National Institute of Building Sciences, but it is now maintained by the Construction Sciences Research Foundation.

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