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January 1, 2005
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Facility Design Manual (Univ. of Washington)

Although this document is specific to the University of Washington, it shows how the university incorporates commissioning in its projects. The manual can be downloaded from this Web site. If using this document, please be sure to review its disclaimer and copyright notice.

Model Commissioning Plan and Guide Specifications, 1997

Developed jointly by Portland Energy Conservation Inc. (PECI) and the U.S. DOE, this 500-page document details the commissioning process for new equipment during both the design and construction phases for larger projects. It also provides boilerplate language, content, format, and forms for specifying and executing commissioning.

The document is generally based on ASHRAE Guideline 1-1996 with significant additional detail, clarification, and interpretation. Updated in February 1998, the document can be downloaded from this site.

Working with the Oregon Office of Energy, PECI revised this model plan for inclusion in the Oregon Commissioning Toolkit.

Portland Energy Conservation Inc. (PECI)

This nonprofit corporation offers innovative approaches to the responsible use of energy and facility resources, particularly commissioning. PECI offers a wide range of commissioning-related documents, all of which are listed on this site. Some of the documents are available online, others are available only in print form.

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