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Energy Design Resources is funded by California utility customers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.

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comment:Hi, Jusy wondering if anyone has had any sucess in CA using electric reheat in a VAV system, I am developing a 2 story 25,000 sq ft buili... by adenman on Design Brief: Advanced Variable-Air-Volume (VAV) Systems, Jun. 20 2013
comment:Metric version is needed. by eolis on CoolTools Pipe Size Optimization Tool, Jun. 19 2013
comment:Hi, I look forward to hearing the response to Danqing's query, as we would also be interested in adapting the tool for use in Brazil. Man... by edborgstein on Commissioning Assistant™, Mar. 26 2013
comment:Hello, I wonder if this tool is open-sourced? Is it available for us to develop or improve the tool that tailored for China situation? Th... by Danqing on Commissioning Assistant™, Mar. 21 2013
comment:Most of the tools at EDR were developed primarily for use in California, (though others often use them). Let me investigate this one. by tconlon on Commissioning Assistant™, Mar. 21 2013
comment:Great Article. BIPV still has a long way to go technologically. This will be great for new construction and large commercial projects, h... by ntorvend on e-News #89: Shining Some Light on Photovoltaics, Mar. 4 2013
comment:Have you reviewed the new edition of the Simulation Guidebook? You may find this section useful: "Cautions for Modeling Variable-Speed Pu... by tconlon on eQUEST®, Jan. 14 2013
comment:Can someone please explain how the pump power curve ("PUMP-POWER-fFLOW", quadratic equation) affects the pumping energy calculations? Is... by swilson2175 on eQUEST®, Jan. 11 2013
comment:Good by mvrkiit on Case Studies: Building Case Study - A Biotech Lab and Office, Dec. 9 2012
comment:I am trying to determine the energy savings for one (1) Air Handling Unit in a hospital. The economizer on the AHU is not functioning. ... by tdinsc on eQUEST®, Dec. 7 2012

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